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About Us

The Science Education and Science Teacher Preparation programs at CSU utilize a team approach to 1) train high quality Secondary Biology, Chemistry and Physics teachers for urban populations; 2) investigate methods of teaching science content effectively and 3) provide meaningful professional development opportunities for inservice science teachers. Our programs are collaborative efforts that include faculty who are retired high school science teachers, current science teachers, and professors that specialize in both science content and science education research. In addition, our teacher preparation programs include courses taught by experienced faculty in the College of Education. Our long term goal is to improve the understanding and interest in science among our own students as well as the Chicago area high school students taught by our graduates.

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Andrea Gay Van Duzor

Andrea Gay Van Duzor is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Advisor for the Secondary Chemistry and Physics Programs.  In addition to teaching Chemistry undergraduate courses, she is P.I. of the NSF-Noyce grant, a Co-PI on the PhysTEC Project,  and the principal organizer of the ‘Readings in Science Education’ course each semester.

Karel Jacobs

Karel Jacobs is an Associate Professor of Biology and Coordinator and Adviser for the Secondary Biology Program. She co-teachers 3 courses taken by Secondary Science Teachers:‘ ‘Methods of Teaching Secondary Science’, ‘Content Examination Preparation’, and ‘Student Teaching Seminar’. “ I am interested in enhancing investigation and data analysis skills among pre-service teachers so that they can be effective at promoting scientific inquiry and assessing student learning.” Dr. Jacobs is also involved in research on urban forestry and urban ecology issues.

Rita Koziarski

Rita Koziarski is an instructor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics and the CSU Science Teacher in Residence. She co-teaches the Secondary Science Methods, Science Content Exam Preparation, and the Student Teaching Seminar with Dr. Jacobs. Mrs. Koziarski has 30+ years of teaching high school chemistry in an urban environment.  Her passion for teaching help her prepare students for real world teaching situations and inspires them to become teachers who strive to provide optimum learning opportunities for all students.

Mel Sabella

Mel Sabella is a Professor of Physics and Department Chair in the Chemistry and Physics Program. His interests focus on improving STEM education for underrepresented students. He has worked as a PI on NSF Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Projects, and the APS PhysTEC Project.  He has published papers on physics education in the Physics Teacher magazine, the PER Conference Proceedings, the Physics Education Research Supplement to the American Journal of Physics and the Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education. He is a member of the American Physical Society (APS) Committee on Minorities and on the executive council of the APS Forum on Education.